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Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners

Board of Veterinary Examiners
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 321.175 Purpose for certain sections of chapter.
KRS 321.181 Definitions for chapter.
KRS 321.185 Veterinarian-client-patient relationship.
KRS 321.190 License required to practice veterinary medicine -- No compensation for violator.
KRS 321.193 Veterinarian's license -- Requirements -- Fees.
KRS 321.195 Retirement and reactivation of license.
KRS 321.200 Exemptions from application of chapter.
KRS 321.201 Special permits -- Duration.
KRS 321.205 Mobile facilities -- Authorized incidental activities.
KRS 321.207 Certification of animal control agencies and animal euthanasia specialists.
KRS 321.211 Renewal of license -- Fees -- Expiration and termination of license -- Reinstatement -- Continuing education.
KRS 321.221 Licensure by endorsement for veterinarians licensed in other jurisdictions.
KRS 321.230 Board of Veterinary Examiners -- Membership -- Qualifications -- Appointment -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Compensation.
KRS 321.235 Powers and duties of board.
KRS 321.237 Veterinary medical impairment committee.
KRS 321.240 Officers -- Meetings -- Notice of examinations -- Seal -- Administrative regulations.
KRS 321.320 Revolving fund for administration.
KRS 321.351 Disciplinary action -- Offenses subject to disciplinary action.
KRS 321.360 Hearings by board -- Appeal.
KRS 321.441 Registration of veterinary technologists and technicians -- Exception.
KRS 321.443 Veterinary assistants.
KRS 321.990 Penalties.